Weatherproofing Masonry: Brick Stone Concrete and Stucco

FROGSKIN™ is a waterproofing sealer that is guaranteed to protect your brick, patio, sidewalk, driveway, stone, concrete, stucco, chimney, or other porous surface. Our proprietary liquified silicone rubber absorbs into and permanently bonds with these surfaces providing an impenetrable barrier which prevents water penetration. FROGSKIN™ is extremely durable and provides years of unmatched protection. You will not need to reapply water sealant year after year.

Our Guarantee
We guarantee FROGSKIN™ for 5 YEARS on horizontal surfaces and 10 YEARS on vertical surfaces.

This is a photo of stones bricks and pavers that are now water resistant

Because FROGSKIN™ is breathable, it will not trap moisture vapor in brick, stone, concrete, or stucco and will help to prevent efflorescence as well as the cracking and spalling caused by extremes of temperature. The flexibility of the silicone rubber allows for the bridging of hairline cracks, eliminating them as a source of water intrusion.

How To Water Seal Brick Stone Concrete and Stucco

The best way to water seal brick, stone, concrete, and stucco is to spray on liquified silicone rubber that penetrates and cures below the surface, creating a barrier to water.

FROGSKIN™ is specially formulated for the homeowner by the manufacturers of PROFESSIONAL® Water Sealant, which is recognized as an industry standard by architects, engineers, contractors and building owners for its superior above-grade water repellent capabilities. Every can of FROGSKIN™ Waterproofing Sealer is manufactured with the same quality materials and high standards which make our products the choice of professionals.

Estimated Coverage: Each gallon of FROGSKIN™ will cover approximately the following number of square feet: brick - 125, stone - 150, concrete - 150.  Some stucco and extremely porous brick may require more than one coat.

Discover just some of the many benefits of FROGSKIN™ .

Silicone Rubber Formulation
Inorganic and non-sacrificial so it doesn’t break down from the elements.

Dries to a clear, flat finish …doesn’t alter the natural beauty of your property.

Quick Drying
Dries to the touch within a few hours, Depending on the temperature and humidity

Seals Any Porous Material
Developed for use on above-grade, horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Long Lasting Protection
Penetrates into the capillary system to form a permanent bond.