Application Instructions

1. Preparation

Apply only to a clean, dry, surface which is free from oil, dirt, grease, or any other coating, etc. Allow a minimum of 48 hours after a rain and 72 hours after a power wash. Do not apply if precipitation is expected within 12 hours. Protect vegetation from FROGSKIN™ overspray; mask glass and metal surfaces. Move automobiles, bicycles and other vehicles to protect finishes.

2. Application

Apply FROGSKIN™ in a single, saturating application using a pump-up, chemical resistant garden sprayer. Chemical resistant sprayers are available at any home improvement center. As you spray, keep the nozzle 6-8 inches from the surface and move in straight, even, overlapping strokes. On vertical applications, apply from top to bottom and spray enough to create a 4 to 6 inch rundown of product from the point where the spray makes contact with the surface..  Be sure to fill in the run down with an equal volume of material, recreating the 4 to 6 inch run down as you work your way down the surface.   On horizontal applications, if surface pooling or puddling appears use a clean paint roller or broom to sweep off any excess liquid. Do not spray in windy conditions. Application temperatures range from 40° – 95° F.

3. Cleanup While It Dries

FROGSKIN™ will be dry to the touch after about two hours, depending on temperature and humidity. It takes approximately 24 hours to set up an initial water barrier. Clean spray equipment with mineral spirits immediately after application.