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FROGSKIN ™ provides unmatched protection and lasts for over 10 years! No more cleaning and sealing your deck year after year.

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Apply FROGSKIN™ in a single, saturating application so that it may fully penetrate the surface. On horizontal applications, if surface pooling or puddling appears either back-roll or broom away excess. Failure to do so may result in either blotching or surface becoming slick when wet. On vertical applications, apply from top to bottom, allowing a 4 to 6 inch rundown. Before applying FROGSKIN to new wood, be sure that the wood has aged. Cedar requires 60-90 days and Redwood requires 6 months. Application temperatures range from 40° – 95° F. Do not apply painted, aluminum, metal, plastic, asphalt or tar based surfaces.



Apply only to a clean, dry, surface which is free from oil, dirt, grease, or any other coating, etc. Allow a minimum of 48 hours after a rain and 72 hours after a power wash to allow substrate to dry out. Apply to an inconspicuous area to test for penetration, compatibility and aesthetics. Do not apply if precipitation is expected within 12 hours. Protect veg­etation from FROGSKIN™ overspray; mask glass and metal surfaces. Move auto­mobiles, bicycles and other vehicles to protect finishes.



FROGSKIN™ is easily applied using a low-pressure sprayer. Only use roller or brush for hard to spray areas.

Sprayer: Garden sprayer with solvent resistant fittings. Keep nozzle 6-8 inches from the surface and move in straight, even strokes. Do not spray in windy conditions.

Roller: Use solvent resistant stick nap roller. It is important to fully saturate the surface to achieve full protection.

Brush: Use a natural bristle or foam brush.


Drying Time:

FROGSKIN™ will be dry to the touch after about two hours, depending on temperature and humidity. It takes approximate­ly 24 hours to set up an initial water barrier.



Clean spray equipment with mineral spirits or other solvents immediately after application.