Chimney Repair, Roof Coating, Concrete Coating

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FROGSKIN™ should be applied to a clean, dry, power-washed surface which is free from oil, dirt, grease, or any other coating, etc. A minimum of 48 hours drying time should be allowed before application. Apply to an inconspicuous area to test for penetration, compatibility and aesthetics. You should not apply if precipitation is expected within 12 hours. Protect vegetation from overspray; mask glass and metal surfaces. Move vehicles, bicycles, etc. to protect finishes from product overspray.

FROGSKIN™ may be easily applied using a variety of methods such as:

Roll It On
Concrete Coating

Simply roll FROGSKIN™
on just as you would any household paint.

Spray It On
Roof Coating

You can use a common
garden sprayer.

Brush It On
Chimney Repair

For smaller jobs an
inexpensive paint
brush will do.

FROGSKIN™ will be dry to the touch and may be walked on after about two hours, depending on temperature and humidity. It takes approximately 24 hours to set up an initial water barrier which will provide your property with years of protection from Nature's elements.

FROGSKIN™ must be used within 48 hours after opening. Tools and equipment can be easily cleaned with paint thinner or mineral spirits.

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