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FROGSKIN Waterproofing Sealer
Application Guidance


FROGSKIN Pre-Application:


  • Surface must be clean, dry and free from dirt , grease, oil, paint, efflorescence, form release agents, and any other sealant or coating. Surfaces that have been cleaned or exposed to moisture must be allowed to dry for a minimum of 48 hours. Application of FROGSKIN to wet or damp surfaces will inhibit penetration and may cause ghosting or whiting.


  • Mask all glass and non-porous materials such as aluminum framing, etc. (product over-spray is extremely durable and not easily removed from glass)


  • Painted surfaces, surfaces to be painted, and non-masonry surfaces (not intended to be sealed) should also be protected.


  • Cover all vegetation to protect from over-spray or product rundown. (FROGKIN is solvent based and may kill vegetation)


  • Move vehicles away from the structure to be sealed to protect them from over-spray. Do not apply in windy conditions.


  • Turn off and cover ventilation systems, heating and air-conditioning ducts and fresh air intakes to protect building occupants from inhalation of fumes.


  • Steel troweled, horizontal concrete surfaces must be prepared in a manner that will allow penetration of the product, i.e. shot blasting.


  • Always perform a mock up (test patch) prior to commencement of full application. Conduct this test in an inconspicuous area of approximately 2ft. X 2ft. to evaluate the following:


- Penetration: Ensure that the sealant penetrates into the substrate (it should not be glistening wet on the surface after about 8 minutes)

- Color Enhancement or Darkening: This happens occasionally. Ensure that the aesthetics are acceptable prior to full-scale application.


Vertical Application:


  • The recommended method for application is to use a high-volume, low-pressure sprayer (pump-up sprayer) with a fan tip and solvent resistant gaskets/fittings. Application pressure should be between 40 and 60 p.s.i.


  • Apply in a flood coat, from top to bottom, being sure to obtain a 4 to 6 inch rundown of product from the point where the spray makes contact with the surface. Work your way down the building covering the rundown as you go. Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of the structure before the rundown lines cure. It is recommended that application be continued until you reach a corner or the end of a wall. Since FROGSKIN dries to a clear flat finish, it is often difficult to determine what has been sealed and what has not. If you quit for the day in the middle of a wall, it may be hard to find where you left off when you return to continue the project. Avoid overlapping.


  • Optimum surface and air temperature ranges for application are between 40 ° and 95 ° F. FROGSKIN may be applied at temperatures below freezing provided that there is no frozen moisture present in the substrate.


  • FROGSKIN may be also be applied by brush or roller providing that a flood application is obtainable. When using a brush or roller it is more difficult to ensure a consistent, even application. Therefore, these methods of application are recommended for small projects or in areas where protection from over-spray is not possible.


Horizontal Application:


  • Apply in a saturating, flood coat using a high-volume, low-pressure sprayer equipped as described above.


  • Do not allow FROGSKIN to puddle. If product has not completely absorbed after approximately 10 minutes, broom excess to an area that has not reached saturation.


Product Limitations:


  • FROGSKIN must be used within 48 hours of opening the sealed container.


  • FROGSKIN is not recommended for below grade surfaces.


  • Cannot be used on painted surfaces and cannot be painted over.


  • If using a stain, do a test first, to ensure compatibility.

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