Sealer & Sealant A Silicone Rubber

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FROGSKIN continues to protect your valuable investment year, after year, after year!
  • Silicone Rubber Formulation
    Inorganic and non-sacrificial so it doesn't break down from the elements.Sealer
  • Transparent
    Dries to a clear, flat finish ...doesn't alter the natural beauty of your property.
  • Quick Drying
    Cures for foot traffic within 2 hours.
  • Seals Any Porous Material
    Developed for use on above-grade, horizontal and vertical surfaces such as brick, concrete, stone, wood, and canvas.
  • Long Lasting Protection
    Penetrates into the capillary system to form a permanent bond.

FROGSKIN™ Waterproofing Sealer is guaranteed to protect your deck or any other horizontal porous surface for five years! In fact, FROGSKIN™ Waterproofing Sealant is guaranteed to protect any vertical porous surface, such as wood fences and brick walls for 10 years!


In addition, FROGSKIN™ is a transparent, one-coat sealer which is not only perfect for decks, but also concrete driveways, fences, brick, natural stone, pottery or any other porous material.

The silicone rubber used in FROGSKIN™ Waterproofing Sealer is extremely durable and provides years of unmatched protection. When FROGSKIN™ is applied, the solvent evaporates, leaving an invisible, flexible, breathable rubber membrane slightly beneath the surface. This rubber membrane expands and contracts with wood as it goes through its natural aging process, reducing splitting and preventing the cycles of water absorption.

It inhibits dirt penetration and slows the graying of wood caused by ultra-violet rays. Because FROGSKIN™ is breathable, it will not trap moisture vapor in concrete, masonry or brick and will help to prevent efflorescence as well as the cracking and spalling caused by extremes of temperature. The flexibility of the silicone rubber allows for the bridging of hairline cracks, eliminating them as a source of water intrusion.

Application of FrogSkin is easy. Click here for instructions.

Limited Warranty For Our Sealant
Professional Products of Kansas, Inc. (PPK) warrants the quality and performance of this product for a period of 5 years on horizontal surfaces and 10 years on vertical surfaces from date of purchase. If this product fails to perform as stated, PPK will provide sufficient product to retreat the specific area where product has failed or refund the original purchase price. This warranty excludes labor costs, direct, incidental or consequential damages. PPK shall not be held liable for pre-existing damage on surfaces to be treated. This product will inhibit further deterioration but will not reverse it. To obtain refund or replacement of defective product: send name, address and original receipt of purchase to Professional Products of Kansas, Inc., 4456 S. Clifton, Wichita, Kansas 67216.

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